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  • Nico iv3nwv
    Oct 23, 2007
      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, "adibene" <i2phd@...> wrote:
      > Well, someone had to start sending messages to the group, if not
      > other reasons, just to check that everything is working !
      > First of all many thanks and congratulations to Nico IV3NWV for the
      > design, the engineering and the production of that marvel known as
      > Perseus, and to Beppe IK3VIG for taking care of the distribution
      > of all those commercial aspects that, while important and crucial
      > the success of a product, very often are (wrongly) set aside by the
      > more technically inclined persons, who prefer to spend their time
      > refining the hardware and software architectures and
      > I have used now since a few weeks Perseus, and must say that it is
      > really a clean and sensitive receiver. Terminating the input with
      > ohm, without any antenna, you will have a hard time to find spurs.
      > the sensitivity and the BDR (Blocking Dynamic Range) are excellent
      > well.
      > Look here for a revealing measurement :
      > http://sundry.i2phd.com/bdr.gif
      > So, enjoy your Perseus as I do with mine !
      > 73 Alberto I2PHD

      thanks for introducing us to this group.

      Beeing the designer of Perseus I'm not in the position of expressing
      a non point of view about it... even if I know it is a good one :-)

      Hope that the group can serve those who need information about the
      receiver and wish to get direct replies, don't care if they come
      from me or others.

      Nico - iv3nwv
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