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375Re: Winrad 1.30

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  • Alberto I2PHD
    Jan 1, 2008
      Fabrizio Magrone wrote:
      thank you for the new year present. This release is really full of innovations. I immediately tested it on my Perseus.

         thank you for the report.
      I copied DRM sending the output to Dream through VAC, and it works like a charm. There is anyway a little drawback: when tuning to the DRM station frequency, the 12 kHz passband is centred on the USB side only of the DRM signal, cutting half of it away and making decoding impossible. To get correct decoding, at least with Perseus, you need to tune 6 kHz lower, to have all the DRM signal within the passband window. Not a big deal, that could be corrected in a future release.
      To tune DRM you just imagine in your mind that have to tune a USB station, so you place the carrier line just a little bit left of the left border of the signal.

                                        https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsundry.i2phd.com%2Fdrm.gif&t=1493287381&sig=r9WTLV_wX9IbMep9zTBxBw--~C   This is Radio Vatican at 1611 kHz, tuned 5 kHz lower, at 1606 kHz
      Great! Now Winrad runs smoothly in my 1.7 GHz laptop and I can even use other programs too. A very important improvement indeed.
      Well, I had exactly the same problem... my old T41 IBM laptop refused to run Winrad with Perseus sampling at 500 kHz, so I had to find a solution... :-)
      - Mute button added

      Or it's very well hidden, or it was left behind :-)
      Third possibility, you didn't look with eyes wide open !


      73  Alberto  I2PHD

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