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373Re: Winrad 1.30

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  • Wolfgang Hartmann
    Jan 1, 2008
      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, Alberto I2PHD <i2phd@...> wrote:
      > I have just released V1.30 of Winrad, downloadable from
      > http://www.weaksignals.com
      > The main changes from V1.25 are :
      > - New AM, ECSS demodulators
      > - With ECSS the user can select between the LSB, the USB or both
      > - Correct management of WAV files of 16, 24 bit integers and 32 bit
      > - New DRM mode with output bandwidth of 12 kHz
      > - Option to select among multiple ExtIO DLLs
      > - CPU load reduction by placing the fractional resampler after a
      > dynamically reconfigurable prescaler
      > - The status bar for WAV playback is now clickable, to fast forward or
      > fast rewind the playback
      > - The WAV file played back has now its name displayed
      > - One to four samples delay insertable on the left or on the right
      > channel, to accommodate for the EMU-1212M
      > - Real time display of the frequency and the dB level that follows the
      > mouse cursor
      > - AGC hang time slightly lengthened.
      > - Speed slider curve changed
      > - Input selection is now a radio-button
      > - Volume lock status is now remembered between sessions
      > - Mute button added
      > - Past expiry date, the program still works, only a warning is issued
      > - Some optimizations and errors correction here and there
      > Reports welcome, thanks
      > Happy New Year !
      > 73 Alberto I2PHD
      Hallo Alberto,

      best wishes for new year to You.

      I downloaded the new Winrad 1.30 with a lot of improvements. Nice, to
      see, that You implemented AM, ECCS. It works fine and is a step forward.

      The output bandwidth of 12 kHz for DRM seems to be suitable for AM and
      ECCS too. Could You enlarge it to a bandwidth for 10 .. 12 kHz
      bandwidth too?

      Winrad is a very fine monitor for signal-quality even if one has no
      new Perseus! I work with Elektor_USB and Sat-Schneider DRT1 mainly.

      Thank You

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