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35RE: [perseus_SDR] Re: Spectrum Display Grid Lines in Perseus

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  • Guy Atkins
    Nov 1, 2007
      Hi Fabrizio,
      Great idea on the programmable timers; I was going to suggest that feature soon. Perhaps an approach such as found in the Microsoft Outlook email/calendar program would work.
      In the calendar section of Outlook, a user can set the start and stop time of a meeting/appointment, and at what interval it repeats (if required). You can also set how many cycles the meeting repeats until it stops. If this approach was used in Perseus, then the addition of setting the center frequency would complete the options. The ability to save these multiple, programmable timers for use again and again would be highly useful.
      The way that Total Recorder Pro and RecAll Pro implement timers could be worth a look, too.
      By the way, Fabrizio, the Google "machine translation" of your Italian text is quite understandable to an English speaker like me!  :^)    Your summary is very clear, too; you write in English very well.
      Guy  KE7MAV
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      A summary for our foreign friends. I'd like the grids suggested by Guy and I'd suggest user-selectable values too: Somebody could need odd steps for particular uses.
      Spectrum recording: I'd like a programmable timer to switch recording on and off at given times. One-off: from 2359 to 0015. Regularly stepped: every hour from h+15 to h+30. Multiple times: 2350-0015, 0459-0515, etc. Different blocks at different times: centred on 4900 kHz at 2359-0015, 350 kHz at 0340-0420, etc. I agree with Allan that the possibility of single-frequency recording would be pretty handy.


      Fabrizio  IK4MTG 

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