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3265Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: Can CW Skimmer work with Perseus?

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  • Highq
    Nov 11, 2008
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      If you use Ratemonkey, you can resample any PERSEUS samplerate to
      more confortable 48/96/192Khz to VAC1 for CWSkimmer, setting this one
      as Softrock with fixed frequency

      Of course you have PERSEUS locked to a fixed frequency, but with the magician of
      VAC, you can listen any signal inside the resampled band with third software.

      For example, last weekend, I was able to do this:

      runs Ratemonkey on PERSEUS at 250Ks/s out to VAC1 at 192Khz at 7080Khz
      runs CWSkimmer "readings" the whole 192Khz in VAC1 around 7080Khz +- 96Khz
      runs Winrad listening the SSB/CW  around 7080Khz +-96Khz in VAC1 out audio card
      runs Rocky tuned on 7035 USB in VAC1 2.8Khz filter  out on VAC 2
      runs Mixw for PSK signals in VAC2 coming from Rocky.

      ....3 differents applications on same band: CW - Mixed - PSK with exact frequency displayed

      fantastic !

      73 Beppe

      At 19.02 11/11/2008, you wrote:

      Il giorno 11/nov/08, alle ore 15:31, Highq ha scritto:

      PERSEUS's CAT reply to any brate/address/parity you want.
      Choose what you want in CWskimmer config, and play as:

      - Set CWskimmer input tu VAC1
      - Set CWskimmer to 48Khz sample rate input
      - Set PERSEUS in USER MODE
      - Set Filter to 50Khz (move the filter to 48Khz BW)

      I think it works for you but....
      I prefer the combination PERSEUS/RateMonkey + CwSkimmer

      thanks, Beppe,
      doing so it's ok, but we must hear the audio via Skimmer, and those audio it's not so good :-(
      Hoping a better support for Perseus in CW Skimmer!

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