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  • Laurent Laborde
    Oct 2, 2008
      2008/10/1 Nico iv3nwv <nicopal@...>:
      > The linux hamradio community has already wonderful examples of guys
      > which have been dedicating their time and resources to the community
      > itself for years. Matt Ettus N2MJI is one of them (ever heard about
      > the GNU radio project?). So why should I enter a competition with him?
      > He already did a good job and it would be stupid (and really hard of
      > course) for me to emulate his efforts.
      > Are you a linux guy? Ok, please, don't look at me. I'm not an expert,
      > nor I pretend to be on of them.
      > Are you looking for an educational project where you can learn what an
      > SDR is at all? There's Phil Covington which is spending his time
      > providing a solution right for you.
      > Are you someone who simply loves to sit in your shack and catch a DX
      > station with an SDR? Ok, please consider me and what I did.
      > Thank you.

      Yes, i'm a linux guy :)
      I really love the perseus and if i have to use windows for that, i use it.

      I totally respect your work and your will to keep it closed.
      Having a SDRDK is already a really good thing.

      I wish i had the driver source to be able to modify it.
      I tried to write a .NET wrapper and i couldn't make it, some very
      minor modification on the driver are necessary to finish my .NET
      perseus wrapper.

      So, yes, an opensource driver would be nice, but i can live without it :)

      Have fun, and thank you for your work :)

      Kerunix Flan
      Laurent Laborde
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