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  • Nico iv3nwv
    Oct 1, 2008
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      > My guess is that it can't be made opensource because it contain
      > proprietary code not owned by Nico.
      > (eg: library or code provided by the manufacturer of the USB
      > controler, or some FPGA lib)

      You are wrong, Laurent.
      All the code which comes along the hardware has been written by me
      from scratch.
      I don't use any library beside those provided with Microsoft Visual C.
      The USB driver is provided by Cypress, of course. They make the chip,
      they provide the driver for the Windows platforms, but that's all.
      I don't use any third party FPGA libraries (or cores) at all: I like
      so much developing my own ones that it would be stupid for me to rely
      on them (btw, what if I had a problem with a third party core?).
      I don't know what Xilinx has done with its "Core Generator". My past
      experience was that it was too general purpose and not so optimized
      for my scope, but I'm speaking of something I experienced years ago,
      maybe that meanwhile things has changed, who knows.

      I think that the greatest satisfactions of a curious man don't come
      from taking bricks here and there and then build the wall with them.
      I just like to build my bricks and to rely on them.
      It takes time to do but it gives you much more Knowledge.
      And Knowledge is freedom.
      This is my philosophy.

      > imho, the driver code is enough to make everybody happy.
      > (specifically the linux hamradio community :) )

      The linux hamradio community has already wonderful examples of guys
      which have been dedicating their time and resources to the community
      itself for years. Matt Ettus N2MJI is one of them (ever heard about
      the GNU radio project?). So why should I enter a competition with him?
      He already did a good job and it would be stupid (and really hard of
      course) for me to emulate his efforts.
      Are you a linux guy? Ok, please, don't look at me. I'm not an expert,
      nor I pretend to be on of them.
      Are you looking for an educational project where you can learn what an
      SDR is at all? There's Phil Covington which is spending his time
      providing a solution right for you.
      Are you someone who simply loves to sit in your shack and catch a DX
      station with an SDR? Ok, please consider me and what I did.
      Thank you.

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