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2903Re: [perseus_SDR] Playback Anomaly

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  • John Faulkner
    Oct 1, 2008
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      I think I understand what is happening now.  The audio at the beginnings of each file are in their correct place.  It is only when I skip through the file that the recording 'slips' to some degree.  If I allow the file to play through to the end the audio follows through correctly.

      Incidentally, the from/to time display and time progress indicator (above the yellow timeline) works correctly while this 'slipping' occurs.


      John Faulkner wrote:
      Since using new version C I have noticed a gap in the recording when 
      progressing to the next file in the sequence.  It is difficult to 
      calculate how much audio is missing.  Sometimes it appears it may only 
      be a second or two since the tops of each hour still appear where you 
      would expect them.  However, sometimes there is clearly a much larger 
      gap since I could be hearing a good signal from a North American 
      station, for instance, at the end of the file which suddenly fades out 
      on the transition to the next file in the sequence, thus indicating a 
      much larger gap. 
      Another anomaly is found when I skip from the beginning to the end of a 
      particular file: The audio continues as if I had not skipped ahead at all.

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