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  • kzr63g
    Oct 1, 2008
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      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, Andrea Montefusco <andrew@...>
      > Perseus is a commercial closed product like ICOM or AOR radios
      > and MicroTelecom has full right to protect its intellectual

      I agree 100% what Andrea says. Nico is the rightful owner of his
      intellectual properties. He has never said it will be open for the

      In contrary we should praise him for, in only one year, get Perseus
      evolve from (a first) 400kHz SDR-radio, until todays 1600 kHz radio.
      And during this time he has really listened to his customers request
      and tried to incorporate them into his software. All done without
      asking for a penny more than the initial cost. I have never heard
      that AOR or ICOM has done this!

      For every other commercial PC-software on the market you have to pay
      for bigger upgrades. Take a look for example for Adobes upgrade
      Policy for Photoshop. That costs a lot of money for the end user for
      every upgrade!!!

      So Nico, don´t listen to these complaining person, but continue your
      excellent work for the DX community. You are one of few persons in
      the world that has significally contributed to change the way how we
      DX. I only hope that you don´t loose the interest for Perseus
      development by the wining of some persons.

      Nico, ONCE AGAIN thanks for an excellent upgrade for Perseus. Keep
      up the VERY GOOD work.

      Allan Helm
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