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2571RE: [perseus_SDR] squeezing another 40khz from perseus

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  • Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl
    Sep 1, 2008

      Also – if you use the keypad you can use your normal filters and modes, including SAM.


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      Sent: 1. september 2008 18:09
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      Subject: RE: [perseus_SDR] squeezing another 40khz from perseus


      This “option” is easier accessible if you use the keypad to enter the frequency. It will allow you to enter any frequency outside of the defined range. It works, as you indicate, quite well close to the 800 kHz range, but you will find mirror signals so be careful. Using the keypad you can go way outside the range, but what you will hear there is only mirror signal.


      73 de OJS

      www.kongsfjord. no



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      Subject: Re: [perseus_SDR] squeezing another 40khz from perseus


      Perfecting my technique a little, I also have 860 CJBC and 820 WBAP!!


      Paul Crankshaw wrote:

      >Ken, I tried out your suggestion on a file in which I had recorded from
      >905 to 1705 kHz. I was able to go down to 810 KHz (passing on the way
      >880 WCBS, 870 WWL and 830 WCRN).

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