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2425Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: WAV File Playback Difficulties with New Ver. 1.1a

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  • Frank (ee)
    Aug 2, 2008
      Hi Nico,

      Though I don't (as yet) seem to have any problems (only advantages) with your latest S/W version, it might be interesting to see if further improvements (e.g. in CPU-load) can be obtained. So, yes I would be interested in a Saturday Night Version, but only if you would write and publish it anyway. Please don't make it just for me. :-)))

      Thanks for your excellent work!

      Frank (ee)

      On 2-8-2008 10:25, Nico iv3nwv wrote:

      Hi Guy, Dallas and others,
      well, after a software release a developer has always a little bit
      more time to relax, putting order on his desktop an so on...
      So I exploited this moment of relax yesterday evening and examined in
      more detail the reason of this "funny" playback feature which seems
      deeply in love the VAC :-)
      So I simulated a system in which the VAC was not installed and after
      some debugging I think I've found the cause of such a deep love or, at
      least, of the disaffection of the code for systems where the VAC was

      > It will be interesting to find out from Nico what causes this
      > curious issue once he solves it.

      Said in algebraic terms, the reason is that "sets of instructions are
      not always invariant under the commutation of their elements".
      More simply: the code relied on a predefined execution order of two
      concurrent threads which occurred only when the VAC was installed.
      Even more simply: ok, I made a mistake! :-)

      If anyone would like to get a "Saturday Night Version" and see if it
      solves the playback issue (whether the VAC is installed or not),
      please let me know and I will promptly upload it to the server.


      --- In perseus_SDR@ yahoogroups. com, dx@... wrote:
      > Hi Dallas and others,
      > As suggested, the installation of VAC solved the problem. I hadn't
      gotten around to installing it on the new laptop yet.
      > It will be interesting to find out from Nico what causes this
      curious issue once he solves it.
      > 73, Guy
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      > Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 23:00:31
      > To: <perseus_SDR@ yahoogroups. com>
      > Subject: [perseus_SDR] Re: WAV File Playback Difficulties with New
      Ver. 1.1a
      > Hi Guy, My 2.5 GHz duo c CPU T61 with 2 MHz RAM will not play back 1.1A
      > recordings with 1.1A, and not (yes, not) with any previous version
      > either. Dallas
      > --- In perseus_SDR@ yahoogroups. com, "Guy Atkins" <dx@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I forgot to mention that previous versions of Perseus will
      > successfully
      > > play back the WAVs recorded with new 1.1a. It is only with 1.1a
      > itself
      > > that I cannot get the playback to function.
      > >
      > > Guy
      > >

      Frank van Gerwen
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