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2420Re: WAV File Playback Difficulties with New Ver. 1.1a - NOT

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  • kzr63g
    Aug 1, 2008
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      Trying out new version.
      Everything working without problem ...again..
      I must be one of the few with no problems ;-) and I am happy for

      Listening to a Perseus 800 kHz Playback i just made with 1.1a (to a
      external USB 500Gb disc) when writing this. No problem at all. Can
      even run Internet Explorer at the same time without problem.

      Also listened to old recordings 400 kHz and 800 kHz made with many
      differnet Perseus versions (stored and playbacked from same external
      500 Gb disc LaCie) .. no problem.

      And all this on a old Dell Inspiron 630m notebook with a Pentium M
      1,86 gHz (single core!) with 1 Gb RAM. I have never had ANY problem
      with Perseus on this PC.

      PC set for best performance in Windows XP sp2.
      Perseus 1.1a run with priority high.
      In the background I also have VAC 4.08 and the virtual COM driver

      CPU load is for recording 70-85%
      CPU load for playback is 54-66%

      I thought it was time to change PC when I heard about the new
      version, but as said before: I am a happy man.... but that probably
      change when 1600 Khz version appears. So best to start save money for
      new PC already :-)

      The happy man
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