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22580Re: SV: [perseus_SDR] unintentional activation of the net button; new frequency list

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  • Willi Passmann
    Aug 19, 2014
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      Torre, in the meantime I received a PM from a friendly OM who
      recommended to use Perseus 4.0c. He got his problem solved that way.
      My own Perseus is not affected - v4.1a runs fine on my W7/64bit PC, but
      I forwarded the advice to the OM who asked me. He does not speak English
      well enough to take part in this group.
      If you need v4.0c, just send me a PM. There were also beta versions of
      4.0. Not sure about the appropriate dll version though.

      Willi, DJ6JZ

      Am 19.08.2014 20:12, schrieb 'Tore Vik' tvi2@... [perseus_SDR]:
      > Willi - I wrote about this problem a few days ago, but no answer so far.
      > Here is what I wrote:
      > I have installed v4.1 and it seems to work OK on both USB2 and 3.
      > The problem is that during receiving it shifts to "net" and the receiver
      > freez. I remember this has been discussed earlier and the advice was to go
      > back to v4.0.
      > I do have a zip copy of dll 3.5 and v4.0 but I am not able to get it work -
      > the message is "Perseus dll or WinUsb drivers not detected".
      > As v4.1 with dll 3.6 is working OK I can not understand why my switch back
      > to v4.0 does not work.
      > Any suggestions appreciated - either how to stop the pop up of "net" or
      > getting me back to v4.0.
      > Tore B Vik
      > -----Opprinnelig melding-----
      > Fra: perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com [mailto:perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com]
      > Sendt: 19. august 2014 16:40
      > Til: Perseus SDR List
      > Emne: [perseus_SDR] unintentional activation of the net button; new
      > frequency list
      > Hi,
      > I know this was discussed in the list, but couldn't find the according
      > messages in the archive:
      > A Perseus activates unintentionally the net button during local listening.
      > Does somebody remember a solution to this?
      > BTW: A new version of the CSV Userlist Browser is available (v3.92).
      > Herman Boel has a new EMWG list for the Perseus; it can be imported into the
      > CSV Userlist Browser.
      > The Perseus Third Party Software Guide was updated accordingly (edition
      > 157).
      > vy 73,
      > Willi, DJ6JZ
      > http://www.radio-portal.org/sdr.html
      > SDR-Special
      > http://www.mediafire.com/?2lve8wq6y1ou2
      > Perseus Databases - Third Party Software Guides & more
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