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22573Re: [perseus_SDR] Help ID Noise

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  • Werner Karn
    Aug 18, 2014

      this 90 kHz noise with its plenty of harmonics is so strong, i.e. at 450 kHz with -30 dBm,  that I believe it is very close to your location and should be identifyable by a small quickly built loop antenna, may be 10 cm in diameter, used for direction finding. Or may be you have a portable AM radio with built-in ferrit antenna and tune to 540 or 630 or 720 and identify direction. I believe source to be most likely a switching power supply.



      2014-08-18 23:15 GMT+02:00 'Ron Castro' ronc@... [perseus_SDR] <perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com>:



      I just logged in and noticed that the interference peaks about every 90 kHz.  This looks like either a computer monitor, plasma TV or switching power supply.  There has been a lot of interference these days from ‘grow lamps’, and you may have one in your neighborhood.


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      My Perseus is online from Delaware, could somebody help me ID Noise. It is not Broadband but on certain frequencies. Check 1,070khz on Broadcast Band. I appreciate any one who can help me resolve the issue. I am the only one online from Delaware.


      Thank you




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