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22552Re: [perseus_SDR] Connecting to Remote Servers

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  • pu3hag.l@gmail.com
    Aug 15, 2014
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      Hi George,

      technically you need to configure your Internet router. The router should redirect any traffic arriving to port UDP 8014 to your PC at the same port. 

      The easiest way I came up with this was:

      . find out the IP address of your laptop. This is available when you right click at the network status icon (close to the icon) and choosing Status. 

      . Open the Network icon. After some 30s you will see all devices on your local network (other PCs, TVs, etc). You should also see an icon for your router. 

      . Right click the router icon and choose Properties. From there you will see a form where you create new "service" or "redirection". 

      . Finally, create the new service and tell the router to send all UDP 8014 to the IP address of your laptop. 

      Well... this worked at my home network where, I'll be honest, everything is pretty dummy and standard.  Because I also work in IT area I know I was lucky... If you have issues, sadly, don't be surprised. Windows still is a Pandora box hi hi hi!

      -- pu3hag huelbe

      On Aug 15, 2014, at 7:49 PM, "nj3h@... [perseus_SDR]" <perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Good Evening All,

      I am trying to get things set up on an old Vista laptop.  I can get to the map that shows Perseus remote receivers.  I seem to be able to connect to them, since the small window states that I am connected to whichever remote receiver I clicked on and that the session expires in whatever the time is.

      However, there is nothing displayed on the Perseus GUI at all, no waterfall or spectrum.  There is no audio.  Bottom line, the Perseus is not receiving the information from the remote receiver.

      When I tried the first time to connect, I received a message about Chrome needing something to connect to mpps sites.

      That is all I know at this point.  Remote receivers work fine from my desktop just next to the laptop.

      Any help will be most appreciated.


      George, NJ3H

      Stephens City, VA USA

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