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22548Re: [perseus_SDR] Perseus on 50 Mhz. Help

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  • Willi Passmann
    Aug 11 2:45 AM
      Thanks for the information on your Yahoo group, Jean Claude.
      It was added to the database; the entry is associated to the categories
      History, Transceivers and Transmitters, Mailinglists, Vintage and Antique Electronic.

      It can also be found by the search phrase Paraset or your call sign.

      vy 73,
      Willi, DJ6JZ

      The Radio Search Engine

      Am 10.08.2014 16:56, schrieb f6eju@... [perseus_SDR]:
      Again Thanks Willi.

      You know some time a little bit of help makes the stuff easier to understand.

      With the years and the aging I am less patient ...HI HI HI

      So I am gona buy the licence and also the converter you told me.

      Do you know the group I have created on yahoo:

      That is not an SDR  HI HI HI   :)  Best 73   F6EJU  jean claude

      Paraset replicas group "Les amis du Paraset"


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