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22546Re: [perseus_SDR] Perseus on 50 Mhz. Help

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  • barry williams
    Aug 10, 2014
      What is involved in making the Dientronik converter work with the Perseus and Studio1?


      Barry Williams

      Hi Jean Claude,

      the "optional converter license" from Microtelecom is not necessary for converter use in general, if you can live with a frequency display in the usual 28 MHz range.
      Of course it is more convenient to have displayed the real frequency - that's what the optional converter license is for.

      vy 73,
      Willi, DJ6JZ

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      Am 10.08.2014 11:46, schrieb f6eju@... [perseus_SDR]:
      Thanks Willy for having replied and helped me in my choice of the converter.

      I still have a question:

      How to get the perseus software having the 50 Mhz frequency display ?

      Do I need to buy the licence for the micro telecom software edicated tothe use of a converter ?

      I have seen on the web  picture showing the sofware made by Micro telecom having 50Mhz on its display
      jean claude   F6eju

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