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22544Weekly Scheduled Recording Issues

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  • kb3sar
    Aug 10, 2014
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      I am trying to schedule unattended recordings with my Perseus.  I basically want to record a few (less than 10) scheduled recordings on a reoccurring weekly basis.

      I am currently using the Perseus Record Scheduler.  That works for the most part, but about once every month, it will get a little buggy and either miss shows or crash my Perseus software.

      I hear about people using Mestor.  

      May I trouble everyone with a few questions?  Namely:

      1.  Do people have better luck with Mestor as opposed to the Perseus Record Scheduler?  
      2.  Where would I find Mestor?  I used the site:  peditio.net/utility/softat/Mestor.zip  Is this correct?  (I typed in the URL, so there may have been a typing error.
      3.  Can I program Mestor to record multiple times during the week on a recurring weekly basis?  I read instructions that said I would be able to record on a recurring daily or hourly schedule, but I did not see an obvious way to record on a weekly schedule?

      Thank you for your time and consideration.


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