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22535Re: Version of the SDRDK for 64 bits?

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  • Leif Asbrink
    Aug 6, 2014
      You can use this sequence of commands to install Linux
      libraries for Perseus:
      cd /usr/src"
      wget http://libperseus-sdr.googlecode.com/files/libperseus
      tar xvfz libperseus_sdr-0.6.tar.gz
      cd libperseus_sdr-0.6
      make install
      Note that you need root privileges.
      You need to install wget and libusb-1.0 before installing

      For hints on using the library you might look at
      perseus.c in the Linrad package:
      svn checkout https://sm5bsz@.../p/linrad/code/trunk linrad

      The above works on 32 bit systems as well as on 64 bit Linux systems
      since many years.



      On 06 Aug 2014 19:31:29 -0700
      "ed.fuentetaja@... [perseus_SDR]" <perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Hello,
      > Is there a version of the perseususb.dll compiled as a 64-bit library? We'd like to integrate it into a 64-bit application.
      > Also, are there any plans for a Linux release?
      > Thanks!
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