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22533RE: [perseus_SDR] Server/Client and IPv6

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  • Lasse Moell
    Aug 4, 2014
      Tried it late last night,,, will try once more when it comes back on-line :)
      Guess he suffer from thunderstorm right now, been pretty bad lately.

      I really have to get my active loop in order to have an antenna for my Perseus, should be able to put a server going too as soon as the weahter improves.

      /Lasse SM5GLC

      4 augusti 2014, 'Guido Schotmans' guidoschotmans@... [perseus_SDR] <perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com> skrev:


      > seems some even did black list me :(

      Have you tried those servers more than once ? It happens often that you get
      this message the first try but when trying again you're going through. Must
      be some kind of response delay issue in the software.



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