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22438Mestor Question

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  • nj3h
    Jul 5, 2014

      Good Saturday to all,

      Last night I set Mestor as follows between the dashed lines:


      SET 6000/5

      09'25 (40)


      Start at 0925 and record for 40 minutes.

      I ended up with files 8 minutes apart (as I would expect).  However, playback did not link these files together.  I was trying to copy the VOA radiogram.

      Normally, lengthy recordings add the 000, 001, 002, etc at the end of a file.

      Is there a Mestor command that will do this?

      I haven't tried yet, but will renaming all the files and adding the 000, 001, etc at the end of each on work?

      There must be a better way if one wants to record with a timer and playback without having to load each sequential file manually.

      Thanks for any help.



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