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22155RE: [perseus_SDR] Re: Perseus USB failed possibly

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  • Lasse Moell
    Apr 5, 2014
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      Nico, the Perseus designer was quite active here in the beginning, but he seems to have focus on other things now.

      I guess when the product is in active developement, input from users and help with finding bugs is important. I consider Perseus a mature product and my take is that Microtelecom does not gain much from spending time here.

      I do have a number of SDR but must say Perseus is still at the top when looking at performance on HF. There are numerous wishes for new features, but I am a realist, not much money to be had now by adding new s/w features.

      Have fun with your Perseus...

      /Lasse SM5GLC

      5 april 2014, Eric Shields <ericshields@...> skrev:


      Like I mentioned, I just purchased a Perseus couple weeks ago, first post to this group :( I had no idea, and thats why I asked! 

      I recently purchased a Elad, and the Elad folks are very active answering questions on their yahoo group. 



      To: perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com
      From: lasse.moell@...
      Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 17:39:13 +0000
      Subject: [perseus_SDR] Re: Perseus USB failed possibly

      This is NOT an official Microtelecom group nor has they ever promised to monitor it!
      The group is for users to help other users with issues, or just giving tips and user reports.
      If he suspect he has a hardware problem, then why not contact either Microtelecom or the reseller??

      But sure, it would be a lot more interest ing and fun if Nico would show up every now and then :)

      /Lasse SM5GLC

      5 april 2014, ericshields@... skrev:
      As a new Perseus owner, I am disappointed that Token has not had any response from the Microtelcom folks, do they monitor this group?  
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