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22142RE: [perseus_SDR] F2 spectrum file 32.x MHz

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  • Simon Brown
    Mar 26, 2014
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      An excellent recording, many thanks!


      Simon Brown G4ELI


      From: perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com [mailto:perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Jurgen Bartels
      Sent: 26 March 2014 15:19
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      Subject: [perseus_SDR] F2 spectrum file 32.x MHz



      For anyone wanting to experience a taste of F2 to the East (China, Japan)
      31.6 - 33.2 MHz
      here's a 4 min 1600kHz wide file

      Uncompress it with
      This time the compression was less effective, because there are 2 strong radar
      signals which require more dynamic range.

      The waterfall

      you can use this waterfall to playback using StationList's Point & Shoot
      feature. However it is a paid option, so you may do without it.

      Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany
      Ant. hor: 29-45MHz 7-el, 45-87MHz 11-el, FM 15.11, Band-3:13-el, UHF:48-el
      TV: Winradio G305 / Fly2000 + video noise filter & variable IF BW
      FM: Downconverter + Perseus + Speclab as WFM demod.
      MW: 30 x 4m EWE 320° with JB-terminator, Winradio & Perseus

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