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21985Re: [perseus_SDR] Waterfall Crispiness...

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  • Lasse Moell
    Feb 20, 2014
      Hej Leif
      will try to do some comparasons and to get screen dumps and/or recordings. A bit busy the coming week,. hopefully things ease up later.

      Must admit, I have only breifly tried Linrad but the GUI was not that easy to work with so never gave it enoguh time to be able to use it properly. Guess we are all spoiled with nice looking windows with loads of bling-bling, but seems to forget about the raw performance....

      Lasse SM5GLC

      20 februari 2014, Leif Asbrink <leif@...> skrev:


      Hello Lasse,

      Linrad has a resize option and is even crispier than
      the original Perseus software. If you make a recording of something
      that is invisible in HDSDR but that you can see in Perseus
      and make it available to me I would be happy to run it in
      Linrad. I am right now making a series of videos on installation
      configuration and setup of Linrad. This is soon finished and after
      that I will make some videos on how to use Linrad. You might supply
      a good test case. (I would very much like your screen dumps from
      both HDSDR and perseus.exe to compare.)

      Any recording with marginal signals in it is interesting (provided
      I get permission to upload it on the Internet.)

      Leif / SM5BSZ

      > Was discussing SDR with a collegue today, and he was not impressed with his SDR running HDSDR, but the Perseus was really meeting his expectations, using native s/w.
      > I tried to understand what he was referring to, and did som own testing this evening, and I must admit that the Perseus waterfall display do have much better "sharpness" or crispiness vs. HDSDR. I assume this boils down to the fact that Perseus is not resizable and thus there is no mismatch between the FFT bins and pixels on the screen, furthermore I find traces sees to have less time constant and one do see more variations of the signal in Perseus s/w.
      > Has anyone else noticed these differencies?
      > Even if this is the Perseus group I just have to ask if some users see other s/w offer similar crispiness to the waterfall as the native Perseus but have resize option? (SDR-Radio, Elad or Studio1 maybe??)
      > /Lasse SM5GLC

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