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21979RE: [perseus_SDR] Waterfall Crispiness...

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  • Simon Brown
    Feb 19, 2014



      There are many factors which can influence the waterfall, for example:


      ·        Careful use of a colour palette

      ·        Using the highest possible quality in the FFT software, indeed using good FFT algorithms in general

      ·        Windowing function used in the FFT (this is very important)

      ·        FFT overlaps – more overlap, lower resolution bandwidth (lower RBW is a *good* thing)

      ·        Programmer quality – age, alcohol intake etc.


      Simon Brown (G4ELI/HB9DRV)


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      Subject: [perseus_SDR] Waterfall Crispiness...


      Was discussing SDR with a collegue today, and he was not impressed with his SDR running HDSDR, but the Perseus was really meeting his expectations, using native s/w.

      I tried to understand what he was referring to, and did som own testing this evening, and I must admit that the Perseus waterfall display  do have much better "sharpness" or crispiness vs. HDSDR. I assume this boils down to the fact that Perseus is not resizable and thus there is no mismatch between the FFT bins and pixels on the screen, furthermore I find traces sees to have less time constant and one do see more variations of the signal in Perseus s/w.

      Has anyone else noticed these differencies?

      Even if this is the Perseus group I just have to ask if some users see other s/w offer similar crispiness to the waterfall as the native Perseus but have resize option? (SDR-Radio, Elad or Studio1 maybe??)

      /Lasse SM5GLC

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