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21963Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: Perseus off frequency (more information)

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  • daiche
    Feb 17, 2014

      Chuck and Walt,


      There is a picture called 'perseuscalibration.jpg' in the 'Files' area that shows the associated DWords in the client and server registry entry, if you really want to do it that way. The implication is that you are doing a copy/paste of the settings from the client to server registry to make them the same. When you do a normal calibration it affects the client registry entry only. You either have to copy the client entry or do my procedure by logging into the server to affect the server registry entry. At any rate, the Perseus clock is not that stable that you can set and forget, if you want precision. Too bad....


      If all you want to do is calibrate the Perseus (not using the server or networking features), then the Cal feature you know is all you need to do, whenever it is necessary to redo calibration resulting from drift.


      Dave  N7NZH  Dewey, AZ

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