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21949Re: Perseus off frequency (more information)

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  • Walter Salmaniw
    Feb 16, 2014
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      Right.  I don't know why it was so far off, as it seemed to always be the same offset before.  As said, all back to normal now.  Do you have a step by step guide to changing the registry to avoid this in the future?    73, Walt

      On Sunday, February 16, 2014, Mauno Ritola <Mauno.Ritola@...> wrote:

      I have seen some rxs go way off by consecutive calibrations; I am not sure, how it is done, maybe by consecutive calibrations or maybe by clicking wrong carrier. And when it is off more than ½ kHz, it will jump to 14999 or 15001 kHz. As I suggested to Walt, first do an approximate calibration on MW and then more accurate one on 15 MHz. Or set AdcSampleRate to default value in registry.

      73, Mauno

      16.2.2014 20:58, charlesh3@... kirjoitti:


      It's fine to start at 15 MHZ.

      A previous calibration has no affect on a current calibration as best I can see.

      As you are now properly calibrated, all is well and you can go get more off frequency Filipinos for us.

      But... it seems something was not proper with the previous calibration. We have yet to know what.


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