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21327Re: [perseus_SDR] Time marks on waterfall

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  • clement F59465
    Oct 25, 2013
      hi to all,

      Applications never heard.

      It would be nice to do a post with all the add request, bug for Perseus.

      The potential buyers would be less affected.

      73 Clem

      2013/10/25 Paul Crankshaw <hoddlesden@...>

      If it's any help, my get around is to look for tell-tale signs in the unreadable time prints. A discernible line appears in the minutes  xx.10 - xx19. It works for me.

      Example here:



      On 25/10/2013 12:28, Vlad Titarev wrote:

      any comment from developers ?..

      If they delude themselves that feature is non-essential, I'd wish
      to emphasize here: currently both of my SDRs are running overnight,
      and I'm tired of looking for tricky "time marks" among stations' signing on/off instants because waterfall's
      time marks are merged in one continuous time strap, "Time River"... 

      Thanks Mauno/Paul for rising this question again. 
      Yet, the big question is: how many times we should repeat those reports in order to be heard ??? :)

      If "been heard" the problem is still the same: speed of appearance of time marks on waterfall should
      correspond to speed of waterfall's run (changing position of time slider (1st of 3 - upper right) does not help!)

      Sorry for my non-perfect Engl, problem is my Italian is even worse.... anyway I have a dream to be heard ;-)

      73 to all
      Vlad Titarev
      Kremenchuk, Ukraine

      On Oct 25, 2013, at 10:51 AM, Paul Crankshaw wrote:



      It's another request which has never been taken up. It would be great to have marks every 30 or 60 minutes when recording overnight.


      On 25/10/2013 10:26, Mauno Ritola wrote:

      In the registry, is there a way for the user to define the density of
      the time marks appearing on waterfall?



      avast! Antivirus käynnissä, joten tässä sähköpostiviestissä ei ole viruksia tai haittaohjelmia.


      F59465 Clement

      My channel: F59465swl Youtube
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