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21318RE: Server Zaanstad (just above Amsterdam)

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  • dylerware
    Oct 24, 2013
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      Server back online, still with lots of QRM.

      Antenna moved to the spot with least QRM on 198 kHz so i can listen to it a bit.

      The QRM can be heard in the whole building on a portable tecsun, so finding the source is nearly impossible.

      Online now because great 11 meter conditions, so on request.

      Enjoy it while you can! 

      ---In perseus_sdr@yahoogroups.com, <pd0psb@...> wrote:

      > I doubt it's PLC. PLC looks different and will typically start @ frequencies above 1 MHz.

      PLC/PLT typically looks like this (attached):
      Starting at 2,1 MHz ending at 27,9MHz with notches from plm -100kHz and +100kHz around the amateur band segments.


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