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21312Stange Behavior (so it seems to me)

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  • George
    Oct 22, 2013
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      Last evening I made numerous recordings of the MW band, centered on 950 KHz.  I had the sampling rate set on 2000kS/s.  I recorded 1.6 MHz of bandwidth.

      Here is the issue:

      I would go to 1521 KHz.  The digital frequency readout indicated 1.521000 MHz.  As I tried zooming (Span left button) on the primary spectrum screen, the last two zoom selections changed the spectrum frequency readout down to the 150 KHz (long wave) area of the recorded spectrum, even though the digital frequency readout still indicated 1.521000 MHz. I tried re-entering the frequency with the frequency input keypad that pops up, but the spectrum display stayed in the 150 to 155 KHz area and would not change to 1521.  Changing the frequency with the mouse wheel did NOT move the frequency back to 1521 KHz.  Even though the numbers changed to 1521, the spectrum screen stayed in the 150 KHz area.

      My Questions:

      So what is causing this situation to occur? 

      How does one zoom in to a specific frequency without the above situation occurring? 

      When not recording (in live mode) and with the CENTER button on, this does not occur.  However, in playback mode, the CENTER button does not work.  What is the work-around?

      In playback mode, why does changing the frequency (mouse wheel or direct entry) NOT take the listener to that frequency?

      Thanks in advance for any help and explanations.


      So what is causing this situation to occur? 

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