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20682Re: [perseus_SDR] Perseus SDR architecture

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  • Mark Durenberger Mobile
    Jul 2, 2013
      Thanks Roelof.  You said > (I have been a teacher for 35 years, so I couldn't resist!) <
      Well, I have been a LEARNER for 72 years and I can’t resist trying to understand something...even when it overturns my original conceptions <g>  I take no pride in asking dumb questions...nor am I embarrassed.  
      Carl Sagan said “The first step to understanding is to ask the RIGHT questions.”  I’m working on that.  Thanks for your patience!
      Mark Durenberger
      On the Road

      Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2013 8:02 AM
      Subject: Re: [perseus_SDR] Perseus SDR architecture

      Hello Mark,

      I believe that you are mixing up the internal noise of a receiver and
      reception of weak signals.
      Without antenna connected, you observe the internal noise of the PERSEUS
      The lower the internal noise is, the better the capability to receive weak

      So, when you switch the attenuator off, the internal noise and noise floor
      drops and received signals will be enhanced by the amount of attenuation.

      Roelof Bakker, pa0rdt

      (I have been a teacher for 35 years, so I couldn't resist!)

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