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20383Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: Alternative VAC?

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  • Jurgen Bartels
    Apr 18, 2013
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      Hi Dirk,

      > Thanks for the tip, but if resampling is supposed to be the problem, how do
      > you explain that it can work perfectly for say, one hour, and then suddenly
      > cause the glitch I described? Also note that the phenomenon was reported for a
      > wide variety of hardware and OS-versions.

      I assumed spectral distortions, the same that I initially oberserved here when
      using Speclab. After setting in/out SR to 31250 those disapeared entirely.

      In your case it seems that after a while there is a buffer overrun or another
      hickup that causes a brief loss of samples. The reason I don't know of course.
      What I meant to say is, that VAC works flawlessly here when set to 31250 /

      In my case there was another problem: The output-audio of SpecLab showed buffer
      overuns, causing brief clicks. The reason: The soundcard fetches samples from
      SpecLab at its own rate, that might be a slightly different than the
      Perseus-VAC-delivered rate. Once I enabled SpecLab's audio resampler the
      problem was gone.

      Jurgen Bartels Suellwarden, N. Germany
      Ant. hor: 29-45MHz 7-el, 45-87MHz 11-el, FM 15.11, Band-3:13-el, UHF:48-el
      TV: Winradio G305 / Fly2000 + video noise filter & variable IF BW
      FM: Downconverter + Perseus + Speclab as WFM demod.
      MW: 300m Bev 260°, 30 x 4m EWE 320° with JB-terminator, Winradio & Perseus
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