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20382Re: [perseus_SDR] Alternative VAC?

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  • Roberto Zinelli
    Apr 18, 2013
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      Yes, my be the vb-cable is not perfect.

      About your test the difference is my audio repeater version 1.20

      No problem, VAC work fine

      73 IW4ENS

      On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 11:45 PM, Alberto I2PHD <i2phd@...> wrote:

      On 4/18/2013 3:13 PM, Roberto Zinelli wrote:

      Alberto, I also  tried and i have the same result,  very strange BUT.........

      In my test setup:  Perseus tuned to 10100 RTTY, software HDSDR with the sound-card output  to  "VB-Audio Point" .

      SeaTTY input "VB-Audio Point". No signal at SeattY.

      Then i started "audio Repeater", a tool from VCABLE, don't care wot you select as wave in but select VB-Audio as wave out then start.
      The Seatty show signal incoming.....now stop the Audio Repeater end close it.  Seatty continues to operate!

      Stop and then start HDSDR  (F2) and again the signal at SeaTTY disappear.   seems that VB-Audio not open in output  automatically.

      Well, I tried that, but no luck....
      I started, as i my previous message, both Winrad and Argo, trying to connect them with VB-Audio.
      This is the Control Panel of VB-Audio :


      Then started the Audio Repeater from the VAC package, as shown here :


      But clicking on "Start" gave this error message :


      73 Alberto I2PHD

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