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  • adibene
    Oct 23, 2007
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      Well, someone had to start sending messages to the group, if not for
      other reasons, just to check that everything is working !

      First of all many thanks and congratulations to Nico IV3NWV for the
      design, the engineering and the production of that marvel known as
      Perseus, and to Beppe IK3VIG for taking care of the distribution and
      of all those commercial aspects that, while important and crucial for
      the success of a product, very often are (wrongly) set aside by the
      more technically inclined persons, who prefer to spend their time in
      refining the hardware and software architectures and implementations.

      I have used now since a few weeks Perseus, and must say that it is
      really a clean and sensitive receiver. Terminating the input with 50
      ohm, without any antenna, you will have a hard time to find spurs. And
      the sensitivity and the BDR (Blocking Dynamic Range) are excellent as
      Look here for a revealing measurement :

      So, enjoy your Perseus as I do with mine !

      73 Alberto I2PHD
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