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1881Re: Are there any more Perseus radios to be had?

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  • Tom Rothlisberger
    May 15, 2008
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      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, "jmblack42" <johnmblack@...>
      > I had ordered my radio about 45 days ago, and asked ML&S to charge
      > credit card at that time rather than when they shipped, as I was
      > worried about the exchange rate. I think I paid 535 UKP with
      > so maybe this was one of the few times I actually made a good
      > decision! The rate was 1.92 at that time, so it would have been
      > I would still like to try out one of the RF Space SDR14's, and they
      > should be a real bargain for those outside of the US, but I believe
      > that the Perseus software has more neat features.
      > I will be going to Dayton, and wonder if any small SDR companies are
      > going to pop-up there? You know, it's not much of a reach to
      > a portable radio with an LCD the size of the Eton E1, showing a
      > Perseus-type screen, so maybe we'll see a stand-alone SDR before too
      > many years.
      > In the meantime, the Perseus is going to consume many of my
      > recreational hours.
      > John KB5AG
      You got a good rate for sure. I ordered mine 53 days ago from WoodBox
      using the PayPal option on their web site. The dollar equivalent
      including shipping came to about $1190. Unfortunately I am still
      waiting for mine; it hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully I will get it soon
      so I can join in on the fun!

      Tom K7WV
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