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1871Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: Are there any more Perseus radios to be had?

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  • Walter Salmaniw
    May 14, 2008
      I can answer my own question, I think. Taking out the 17.5% VAT, the price is very comparable now.....still a bit pricier than the 666 Euros, but barely. Via ML&S, I now get $1084 without the VAT. Still a few dollars pricier than via Italy and the Euro, though.......Walt.
      PS: I haven't included the shipping charges, though, so this might change the bottom line as well. ......Walt.

      At 02:50 PM 5/14/2008, you wrote:

      >At 02:33 PM 5/14/2008, you wrote:
      >>Just wanted to report that my Perseus arrived yesterday and is all I
      >>had hoped it would be. I just wish I hadn't put the UK mains plug on
      >>the AC adapter, because now I can't get it off! Oh well.
      >>ML&S actually has stock now, so I would advise checking with them if
      >>you want to buy a Perseus with US dollars. They were pleasant to deal
      >>with and a good bit lower in price than the other dealers I tried.
      >>I'm just getting acquainted with the radio, but so far I'm very
      >>pleased. It has great VLF performance here in North Carolina, and I've
      >>found no weird digital artifacts or overloading. Side by side, I
      >>still think my NRD-545 will dig out a weaker signal, but nothing is
      >>as fun as the Perseus!
      >>John KB5AG
      >John, I note that they now say that they've upped the price due to the poor UKP performance against the Euro. They're advertising UKP 649.95 which equates to about $1274 Cdn (which today is at par with the greenback). This compares to my 666 Euros from the Italian distributor last December, which is only $1034. Did you get a better deal or something? Either way, it's still a great deal for everything it can do. Still hoping for the built in multi timer function, though!!!! ......Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, Canada.
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