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1869Re: Are there any more Perseus radios to be had?

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  • jmblack42
    May 14, 2008
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      Just wanted to report that my Perseus arrived yesterday and is all I
      had hoped it would be. I just wish I hadn't put the UK mains plug on
      the AC adapter, because now I can't get it off! Oh well.

      ML&S actually has stock now, so I would advise checking with them if
      you want to buy a Perseus with US dollars. They were pleasant to deal
      with and a good bit lower in price than the other dealers I tried.

      I'm just getting acquainted with the radio, but so far I'm very
      pleased. It has great VLF performance here in North Carolina, and I've
      found no weird digital artifacts or overloading. Side by side, I
      still think my NRD-545 will dig out a weaker signal, but nothing is
      as fun as the Perseus!

      John KB5AG
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