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17968Re: [perseus_SDR] OT: time signal on 49.900 kHz

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  • Marco IK1ODO -2
    Apr 3, 2012
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      At 11:22 03-04-12, you wrote:
      >Hello all,
      >Every evening I am receiving a weak time signal on 49.900 kHz (50 KHz)
      >There is a time station mentioned at 50 kHz: RTZ, Irkutsk, Russia, power
      >10 KW.
      >Is there anybody closer by who can confirm that what I am hearing is
      >indeed RTZ?
      >I am listening in a 20 Hz bandwidth, as there is a much stronger carrier
      >on 50 kHz exact.

      May it be a sideband of RTZ (100 Hz hum modulation)?
      RTZ identifies by CW, see schedule in
      http://irkutsk.com/radio/tis.htm - should be easy to ident.

      73 - Marco IK1ODO
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