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1795Re: Are there any more Perseus radios to be had?

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  • jmblack42
    May 1, 2008
      Thanks, Steve and Beppe. I will wait a few more weeks!

      I had originally spoke to Luca at Hoka IT about a unit, but decided on
      ML&S because converting Dollars to Pounds gave me almost $100
      advantage over converting Dollars to Euros. Even so, the Perseus was
      over budget for me. I paid ML&S in advance because I was nervous about
      the dollar sinking further before they could ship one. So, I'll stick
      with Martyn.

      Luca was very helpful and friendly, by the way, and he understood why
      I chose ML&S.

      In the meantime, of course, more SDR's have popped out of the ether. I
      even see a Flex Radio knockoff coming out of India!


      John KB5AG
      North Carolina
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