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17071Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: StationList V2.1.2.0 released

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  • Sylvain Naud
    Dec 3, 2011
      Tim and all, I've sent the following message on last Thursday but for some reasons, it got trapped in the cyberspace. That was before Jurgen's reply with message #17032 on Friday

      Hoping that this message won't take 2 days to reach...


      Le 2011-11-30 22:15, Sylvain Naud a écrit :

      Hi Tim,

      I didn't downloaded the latest software version yet (what I'll do in the
      next days when time allows) but the answer is YES. If I'm not wrong,
      this is a feature that has been added to the Playback Selector which
      already allows to play your .wav files recorded by the Perseus.

      The Playback Selector itself is a nice feature allowing you to monitor a
      single frequency over various .wav files. For example, if your recording
      has a duration of 20 min over four 5 minutes .wav files and you want to
      monitor 1377 KHz, instead of opening each file separately and look for
      the desired frequency, you can re-group all 4 wav in a single folder and
      later only by right-clicking, you can change from one .wav file to
      another instantly to monitor the frequency you're interested in. This is
      quite fast.

      Another of my preferred feature is the Tuning Mode. Instead of changing
      manually from USB to LSB when you're looking for split frequencies on MW
      for instance, the software has a dedicated memory bank where a mode for
      each frequency can be stored. For example here in North America, when
      tuning 999 KHz, you might want to use LSB to avoid splatter from the
      neighbouring 1000 KHz frequency. This is what this feature will do for
      you automatically once the preferred mode for each frequency of your
      choice has been preset.

      As Jurgen is mentioning, for NA users my own presets are already loaded
      with the software package. Naturally, those settings can be changed
      according to your personal needs and taste.

      Sylvain Naud
      Portneuf, QC

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