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16711RE: [perseus_SDR] Re: CW and CW-R

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  • Jay Bromley
    Nov 3, 2011
      Hi Lasse,
      No you are not a Simpleton and thanks for the help! Just checked the tones
      and they seemed to be matched up. So I will forget the bar over the CW and
      RTTY modes. For some reason I thought the tones were reversed, that what
      you get with no sleep. I assumed wrongly that if you are on CW-R it was
      reverse from the Icom. What was messing me up in the beginning was BobCAT
      after the modes where added so I was really chasing my tail. I had a lot of
      things going on and to sort out.

      So if this is like Harry's I am good to go.

      Thanks Lasse for hanging in there with me!

      73 de w5jay/jay..

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      I may be a Simpleton...

      I still do not get what's wrong with your set up!
      Icom CW and Perseus CW-R are technically the same! Just different names due
      to the fact CW never have had a standard. So when a designer decides that CW
      for his (or her) radio will use one of two sidebands the opposite sideband
      will be reversed.

      IF they instead had name it CW-LSB and CW-USB, noone would be confused :)

      When Commander sends its CW command (CI-V sub-command $03) it will set both
      your Icom and your Perseus to the same CW-LSB setting Nevermind that Perseus
      shows CW with a bar over it....

      Do you get the demodulated tones to go higher in one RX and opposite in the
      other.. then you do have a mismatch.
      If so, let us know!

      /Lasse SM5GLC

      Jay Bromley skrev 2011-11-03 21:35:
      > Hi Lasse,
      > They both tune in sync, but when selecting CW or RTTY from either rig
      > will set the other one to opposite SSB mode like selecting CW on the
      > 7700 will cause the Perseus to be in CW-R. The problem is while one
      > is on the opposite SSB from the other one the pitch as you tune
      > through will not be the same. Even in RTTY contest this is a huge
      > problem when your ears are trained for tuning a certain way.
      > I am not sure when I notice this, but it seems like it was right after
      > I didn't know it at the time, but BobCAT was adding to my problems or
      > creating more of them.
      > Right now I am using Commander to control all this without BobCAT.
      > The bandscope of the Perseus really adds to the DX experience. 73 de
      > jay/w5jay..


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