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16155Re: New overview ARRL/QST Product Reviews

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  • df9ic
    Sep 18, 2011
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      Hi Leif,

      I agree that my two tone IMD2 example was wrong. As long as I test with nearly perfectly periodical signals (thus with a very small bandwidth) there is always enough oversampling for all spectrum components.

      > I do not understand the theory behind this statement,
      > (or I do not understand the statement.) More relevant
      > is that I find something else when actually doing the
      > measurement:-)

      I just wanted to express that NL reduction by dithering needs a high ratio of the dithering bandwidth (finally limited by the sample rate) to the signal bandwidth (RX bandwidth). While a linearization scheme working with postdistortion based on a physical model of the ADC can be inherently wideband.

      But I agree that this has no relevance for shortwave reception of narrowband signals.

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