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15445Re: Perseus under Parallels or VMWare Fusion anyone?

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  • eliocor1
    Aug 1, 2011
      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, pd0psb@... wrote:
      > > Mac users: maybe you are under the "Reality distortion field" and everything seems rosy, but unfortunately for you OS X is not suited for such tasks. Period.
      > > _ Elio.
      > Mac OSX not suited for audio-over-USB? (which SDR in essence is)
      > You are kidding us, right? :-)

      Maybe you are not understanding what I have wrote:
      The implementation of the _USB_layer_ in OS X is really crappy: I was not talking about some specific (Audio) classes of devices.
      For several years I developed the entire HID Power device interface for UPS devices. The worst environment for low level development (under Windows/Linux/OS X) is the one made by Apple.
      Just an example, the support for HID Power devices was implemented (IIRC) by Apple only on OS X 10.4.1: on Windows 2000 it was already there!
      Not to mention some function calls (USB support) which were defined in the documentation but were not implemented: they were empty and just returned 0!!!
      For several years I worked daily with Windows/Linux/Apple machines and the ones I hated most were the Macs for their lack of detailed documentation on their inner working.
      But I'm not a typical user of PC/Mac/...: I'm a low level HW/FW developer so my vision is a bit different from a typical casual user.
      Maybe my small experience on such innards of the OS easily explains me why it will be very difficult to implement a functioning USB "stack" which will let your Perseus work under an emulator.

      _ Elio.
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