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14338Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: wrplus - not longer working

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  • stanka1ze@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2011

      What would you like to see? Would the addition of sliders make Linrad better? Perhaps I have become accustomed to the intuitive nature of what I see.


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      > Hello Gene,
      > My interest in SDR revolves around ham radio contesting. Linrad is like a race car complete with crew. Linrad can change it's set up depending on what you need it to do. Just as the crew can change the race car's setup to best suit track conditions. I want to do as well as I can in a contest so I need the best SDR possible. Linrad handles strong signals, weak signals and unwanted noise better than any other software I have tried. Linrad IS A RACE CAR, the rest are more like the comfortable family sedan!
      > 73, Stan, KA1ZE

      Hi Stan,

      Yes, I agree that Linrad is very impressive from the signal processing point of view. I am sure the signal processing algorithms are the very best out there. That is not the point of my question. I am not questioning the quality of Leif's code at all.

      The point was that for Linrad to be adopted by a wider audience, the same way that Winrad and its variants, or PowerSDR and its variants have been adopted, it needs to have a modern GUI. The existing Linrad user interface scares many users away and they will never go back to using it again. The old DOS lookalike UI and poor graphics just don't cut it in 2011 with other than some techie-type users or for some special applications where there is no other alternative.


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