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14335Re: wrplus - not longer working

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  • Leif Asbrink
    Apr 6, 2011
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      Hi Gene,

      > > I can not understand why that is relevant to you as a user.
      > > There are specific questions that have to be answered. They are
      > > not many and I can not understand why you think the aestetics
      > > of the user interface is important.
      > You are kidding, right?
      No. I am serious.

      > How can you really believe the user interface is not
      > important to the user? The Linrad user interface is a
      > throwback to the old DOS days.
      Linrad has a graphical user interface that is identical on
      several platforms.

      There are good reasons why the setup is a text dialogue
      but that should be a one time effort for the user.

      > Time has moved on and so have user interfaces. If you
      > want Linrad to be adopted by a larger audience, it needs
      > a more modern graphics based GUI. The old command line/DOS
      > window look doesn't cut it and people will shy away from
      > Linrad for that reason. Sorry, that is my opinion.
      I am not a programmer so it would be a major effort for
      me to change the setup.

      > I am not trying to be rude, but come on, the Linrad
      > user interface needs serious help.
      Yes. In case someone would be interested I would be happy
      to include any changes that would make Linrad look more
      attractive to new users. Provided that those changes do
      not destroy any of the following things:

      1) Linrad is available as source code and all tools
      needed to compile from source are free under
      Windows as well as Linux.
      2) Linrad can be run on old computers, Pentium MMX
      with Win 98 and upwards.
      3) The user interface (except for the initial setup)
      is the same under Linux and Windows.

      I use my own time to things related to radio and the
      actual signal processing.


      Leif / SM5BSZ
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