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14325Re: wrplus - not longer working

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  • Leif Asbrink
    Apr 5, 2011
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      Hi Gene,

      > I was disappointed when I saw the expiration for wrplus also.
      > I have tried Linrad for use with my Perseus. While Perseus
      > is supported I find that the user interface of Linrad is,
      > pardon my directness, horrible. It reminds me of an old DOS
      > program.
      I can not understand why that is relevant to you as a user.
      There are specific questions that have to be answered. They are
      not many and I can not understand why you think the aestetics
      of the user interface is important.

      > If Linrad were updated with a modern usable GUI, I'd expect
      > that a lot more guys would start using it. Any chance of that?
      I am very interested in specific feedback. Did you try a recent
      version of Linrad? I am constantly using all available feedback
      to try to eliminate problems that new users may encounter due to
      lack of knowledge about what Linrad really is.

      "a modern usable GUI" is an insult. Sorry. The problem is more

      Certainly the user interface has problems. It needs improvement
      and I am working on it, but the problems are of a fundamental
      nature and not in whether the user interface is graphical or text

      The user has to understand the meaning of the different choices
      he can do. It should be quite a lot easier with the latest version
      as compared to one or two years ago. Whether the choices have to
      be entered from the keyboard or with a mouse click should be
      totally irrelevant. The problem (to me) is to understand what
      users find difficult to understand. (To me everything is obvious
      because I spent so much time with it.)


      Leif / SM5BSZ
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