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13933Re: [perseus_SDR] FM Down-Converter Help needed

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  • Werner Karn
    Mar 2, 2011
      Hi John,
      you could look for Perses downconverter from Dientronik ( 80..120MHz to 0..40MHz ). For correct frequency reading buy a license from Microtelecom. You can search this forum for more details.
      73, Werner 

      2011/3/1 grace123moscow <jewashburn@...>

      I wish to purchase a FM down-converter that will work with my Perseus. I need one that contains its own power supply and that will enable me to tune the 80-120 FM broadcast band. I would prefer one that can be purchased here in the U.S.

      Secondly, what frequency does the Perseus show when tuning in the FM band?

      Any help you can provide will be great. I am not a radio amateur. Just a guy that loves his Perseus!

      John Washburn
      Newport, Vermont US


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