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12231Re: [perseus_SDR] Re: Status Update

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  • Marco IK1ODO
    Jan 2, 2011
      At 20:07 02/01/2011, he0lga wrote:
      >I have not idea what about what working Nico. Latest beta in another
      >PC show me alarm from Oupost Security Pro. There is Packed/Themida
      >object inside. Please check archive with good anti virus. Now I
      >remember, I was tryed to download beta to notebook where is
      >Kasperskiy installed. In home PC it run after unpack files when anti
      >virus switched off.

      There are no viruses in Perseus software. Some over-protective
      antivirus program give false positives recognizing some program feature.
      If the HW is not recognized you may have some driver problem. Follow
      the driver update instructions given in the release PDF, it will work.

      73 - Marco IK1ODO
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