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  • Alberto I2PHD
    Jan 1, 2011
      On 1/1/2011 1:30 AM, pd0psb@... wrote:
      I've been watching the server map the last few days and hope Alberto had a good trip back from Ethiopia.
      Paul, actually it was Somalia and not Ethiopia.... :-)
      You will see that if you zoom enough the map... with low zoom factors the Perseus icon is placed in Ethiopia for lack of space,
      with with a factor large enough, you will see that I was in Somalia... :-)

      And probably I will return my Perseus to Microtelecom with a hasty note complaining that it is not able to demodulate
      the various AM broadcasting that I found while there, offering at the same time a real time translation into English or Italian....
      that is really a very big shortcoming from a firm like Microtelecom... one day speaking on the phone Nico told me that such
      a feature would have hypothetically been a great addition to the product, and now, after a couple of years, it did not materialize...
      shame on them ! I won't ever buy a Microtelecom product anymore, and I will substitute my Perseus, which I will return, with
      a magnificent Softrock ! That is the way to go !     :-)

      73 Alberto I2PHD
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