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  • Tapio Kalmi
    Jan 1, 2011



      Happy New Year Nico, all others at Microtelecom and all 3rd parties developing software for Perseus ! No matter if it is free or commercial as long as we get new toys ;-)



      Tapio Kalmi




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      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, "g0fwu" <phil.moreau@...> wrote:

      > I'm still waiting for WFM that will never happen,

      You are waiting in the wrong direaction, g0fwu (what's your first name, sir? is it so difficult to place it at the end of your post?).

      There are at least two third party tools which allow you to demodulate wide band fm signals. The first one has been written by Michael Feilen (see i.e. msg #10304 on this group) and the second one, more recently, has been made available by Sandro Sfregola with his pretty WRPlus software. Needless to say that both of them fully support the Perseus receiver.

      If you don't wish to thank me for the efforts I've spend providing the required interfaces to them and to all the other third parties who contributed adding smart tools to what I developed, please at least consider their work. They did it for free.

      For any occurrence, if you have been waiting for such a feature directly from the Perseus software I suggest you to return your unit to your distributor.
      When you will return your unit to him, please don't forget to drop him a short note: "The unit I've received does not support the modes which are not stated among the receiver specifications.".

      This note will give him the final proof that you are really in a good faith.


      Nico / IV3NWV

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